Musescore 4 update broke trill playback

• Dec 16, 2022 - 20:30

My current piece, which I started in Musescore 3, contains quite a few half step trills that were out of the key signature. As I have been doing for many years, I created an invisible note in the second voice (in this case, a Dflat) on the same beat, and set it not to play using the Inspector. However, now that I have updated to Musescore 4, the trill plays as a whole step no matter what. I've tried removing and replacing the invisible note to no success. I was hoping that this feature being removed meant that they added a way to change trill quality in the Inspector, but unfortunately that is not the case. Is this something that can/will be fixed or should I look for plugins to solve my problem?

See: measure 19, flute part

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You will find that if you change to a custom key for just that measure, the trill will play as you intend. The custom key uses B flat and D flat. In the next measure you should change the key back to B flat. See the enclosed file in which I modified the trill on page four.

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Yes, the 4.1 beta is out right now. They have added trill control capability and it even adds the little accidental over the trill for you. The problem is that playing trills leads to a note sustain problem, where the notes in the trill just keep playing and playing. When you remove the trill the problem is gone. But this is a Beta, and I'm assuming they're going to correct this in the Release version. But it's a great start, a bit late (my body has begun to turn into a skeleton with spider webs) but a start nonetheless.

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I think I fixed it. What happened was that the piece I was testing was done with the previous stable version 4.0.2. To make the trills work properly in 4.1.0 Testing, you must delete all the trills and then put them back one by one. I will continue testing this and if anything else comes up I'll let y'all guys know.

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You definitely sholdn't need to do that. If you encounter a trill that doesn't play back correctly already, please open an issue on GitHub and attach the score and steps to reproduce the problem so it can be fixed. There's still a few days left before the release, although at this late date they are focusing mostly on crashes and other critical bugs. Still, this should absolutely gets fixed - if not for the initial 4.1, then for a followup 4.1.1 or whatever.

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