Can't read file

• Sep 20, 2014 - 11:32

Hello all!
Today, I was creating some notesheet and suddenly I got a bug, that made my program close itself with an error and now I can't open this file.
Could you see that?

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The_Wolf_Fang_Extended.mscz 264 bytes


Unfortunately, it seems there is basically nothing in that file. Can you access the backup version? Either a file starting with "." and ending with "," in the same folder, or the "auto save" MuseScore creates for you in its own private folder? The latter version is stored in different places for different OS's, but under /Users/YourName/AppData/Local/MusE/ on most Windows systems, as I recall.

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Understood. Yes, that's how the backup works - it reflects the state of the file when you last opened it. So if you've done a lot of editing work since then, trying the "auto save" version I mentioned will be a better bet. If you have trouble finding them, please post what OS you are on, and someone familiar with that OS can help. But once you find the folder you should see a whole bunchy of files with random-looking names, ending in ".mscz". Just start opening them until you find one that seems good (the file date should give you a good idea of likely candidates). These are saved by MuseScore every two minutes while editing, so with any luck, you'll find the one saved within two minutes before the crash.

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