[4.0.0] Broken file duration with .wav export

• Dec 17, 2022 - 04:37
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S4 - Minor

Issue: When exporting to .wav, file duration is somehow messed up. File plays back at appropriate speed, but duration and playhead numbers are malproportioned. Issue is apparent in VLC Media Player, but not in Windows Media Player.

With score S1M1, six "seconds" pass every one measure (4/4 time, 6 seconds per 4 beats). I suspect this is because there is a triplet in the first measure. With score S1M2, seven "seconds" pass every one measure (7/4 time, 1 seconds per 1 beat). With score S1M4, seven "seconds" pass every one measure (12/8 time, inexplicable coprimes). I really have no way to even speculate on this one.

I found out there was an issue because i was attempting to upload these songs, as .wav files, to DistroKid, only to find that they were rejected in the processing phase, reason given being that they were "too small; try to make sure they play on your computer". Wav files exported in MuseScore 3 worked fine, and when i re-exported the songs as .flac files, those ones had no problems, and were accepted.

(Note: initially was going to put this on github, but was directed back here from the text box.)

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I was able to reproduce this with score S1M1. Attached are a couple of scores which also reproduce this issue, and both export to audio much quicker.
The only difference between the two scores is that one heavily uses tuplets, and the other uses no tuplets. Both have the same incorrect duration when the wav is loaded in VLC media player, so I suspect that the use of tuplets is not related to this issue.
Of course, the workaround is to export to a different file format and convert to a wav file using an external program, though that may not be sufficient in some use-cases.

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