Musescore 4

• Dec 17, 2022 - 16:04

I downloaded musescore 4 (without the hub) and here i s my report.
1. The synthesizer is gone
2. The piano keyboard thingy doesn't highlight notes when being played
3. The mixer is on the bottom and up. Not sideways
4. Everything is too reverb
5. One file one window
6. An instrument can't have custom sounds (example: the piano having the 808 tom sounds)
7. Sf2 soundfonts don't work
8. The new soundfonts are decent
9. Musescore main color changed to warm purple
10. The interface looks like Word
11. more
In general everthing is too simple. It limits the user's creativity by alot


  1. They mentioned something about support for that in a later version...
  2. I haven't had that problem.
  3. Makes it easier to use.
  4. No it's not. The perfect reverb makes it sound realistic and super high quality. (one of my fav changes!)
  5. Unfortunately. They said that was because of the demands of the new soundfont.
  6. Bummer ain't it... (you can use VST's though!)
  7. VST's do, though! (WHICH IS AWESOME!)
  8. Decent is an understatement. They're fantastic and they fix like all the major problems with the old one.
  9. Customizable, I think. And look at the website—it hasn't changed.
  10. If you mean "much more intuitive and convenient," then yes.

I don't agree. I think that the new version is a huge step for this already fantastic software and I'm excited to start using it on a regular basis!

Keep up the good work guys!

Definitely too much reverb!

I’m using the same sf2 soundfonts I used in v.3. I previously had them symlinked into the folder, which no longer works, but you can add multiple folders to search for soundfonts. Once I’d added their actual location they worked fine.

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