Notes on piano not playing if they're already notated in another voice, when using MuseSounds.

• Dec 18, 2022 - 22:11
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S4 - Minor
GitHub issue

1) Create a new score for Piano
2) Insert a note (for example, in the left hand, an E over the staff, with a duration of 4/4)
3) Insert another note, at the same pitch but at a different time, in the other hand, that should play when the other note is still playing (for example , in the right hand, another E , on the first line, with a duration of 2/4, placed after another rest of 2/4)
4) Open the mixer and check that the playback of the instrument is happening through the MuseSounds piano instrument. (Any keyboard instrument will have the same effect regarding this issue)
5) Start playback.

When this is done, the note is only heard the first time its played, in this case by the left hand, as if, being that the key is already pressed it's not possible to play that note again. It's pretty realistic imagining an actual keyboard playing exactly what's written on the score, but it's common piano practice to actually lift the first note up and play the second note, as to more accurately reproduce the music written on the score. As a result of this, many piano pieces will not have an accurate playback as long as this kind of writing is used. I was transcribing an elementary piano etude by Heller (specifically, op. 47, n.3), but when using the playback function I immediately noticed it wasn't accurate.

Note that this doesn't happen when using the MS Basic music font, and therefore wasn't an issue in previous versions of Musescore. It's definitely a limitation for piano music playback, although a minor one, but it still doesn't allow accurate playback of music written as it should be.

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