The trill is gone -- is this a bug?

• Dec 18, 2022 - 23:37

Attached are two brief scores, one made with MS3 and the other converted to MS4 with Muse Sounds. Note that the trills in for example measures 40 and following are quite distinct in the MS3 version, but in the corresponding notes in the MS4 score the notes marked tr are either not trills at all or are only a couple of quickly blurred notes. Is this something that I can correct?

Since I wrote the above I've made a MS4 score with violin and cello, and the trills seem to work fine with those instruments.


You can try other markings. Like short trill, mordant, Upprall line or Downprall line. You might need to add palettes to see them.

Upprall gives close to the trill but not quite as good, and I'm not sure all flutists would recognize it; isn't tr more standard? At any rate, should this -- alto flute Muse Sound not working as trill like other instruments -- be counted as a bug?

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Sure. Probably a bug. I was suggesting things to try to get good playback. Personally I only write for playback. As a hobby. I have to use different tricks depending on which software I am using. But for real players I can't do that. Things that I wrote in Sibelius or MS3, don't sound the same in MS4. This is part of the problem with writing to playback. For real players, the normal practice is to write what you know sounds right. Not necessarily what playback tells you. An interesting dichotomy. Tis was pointed out to me on the Composers forum.

The nearest I can get to making a flute trill work in MS4 with Muse Sounds like it does in MS3 is to select the note, put an Uprall line it with the Master Palette, make the Uprall line invisible with the Properties panel, and select the note again and put a tr mark on it from the Master Palette. The Uprall is close to what tr does, but not as good as in MS3, and not as good as what tr does to string instruments in MS4. I am very disappointed that this loss of feature will require many of us to make a trip to Kludge City.

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