Lack of quality control on MuseScore 4 & MuseHub Release management

• Dec 19, 2022 - 04:27

It seems evident, looking over the hundreds and hundreds of bug reports, the increasing number of forum entries specific to a mounting number of use cases reported, that these product is not ready for release to the general public. As an example, bugs related to OS functionality should have been identified in regression testing. Given the hoopla, marketing videos, team identification and applause does not make for a good product. I am sorry to say but, in the commercial sector, MuseScore and related products would have never seen the light of day until such time as a stable release. .This reflects the deep lack of project management methodologies, risk management etc.


Bruh… MS4 is in beta? That's kind of the whole point?
Why are you reviewing a product you haven't used on its own forum. Who is this for

I wonder if you've ever heard about "Windows".

Kidding aside; MuseScore 4 has been in public beta for over 3 months and all known critical (crashes and major feature not working) items had been pretty much addressed by release.
I welcome you to become part of the beta testing crowd for any and all upcoming releases.

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Indeed, MU4 has been through a lot of testing. But there are so many different systems out there. I have five W10 computers all very different. Only one meets the minimum requirements. It seems to run MS4 OK. The rest I've had to figure out how to make work. And it hasn't been the same for each. Now imagine the millions of different systems out there. Sometimes it's a wonder anything works.

This is one big advantage of owning an overpriced iMac. New Software generally works much better because there aren't that many different iMac configurations compared to the 1.5 trillion PC differences.

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