Slow loading of Format/Style

• Dec 20, 2022 - 14:35

I have a Core i5 CPU running at 3GHz with a decent graphics card and bags of memory and disk space (SSD). Little else running - CPU running at 6% and memory at 48%.
When I first tried Format/Style in MuseScore4 today the program seemed to lock up, spinning circle, "not responding" in title bar, no ability to do anything else in the program. I was midway through closing the program when up popped the style options! So I cancelled the program shutdown and was able to carry on doing what I wanted to do in the style options.
This is a reproduceable problem, I just tried again after closing the style options (ie without restarting the program) and it locked up again.
It takes just a few seconds short of 1 MINUTE to load the dialog. Hehehehe. That can't be right...
Must be waiting for something to happen before opening the sheet, it feels like some sort of timeout to me.


I have exactly the same issue on a similar laptop. Format > Style is DREADFULLY slow. As in.... I dread having to even use Format > Style.

Update on latest version of MuseScore4 I installed today ( - 9b70a8c) - Format/Style has now gone down from 1min to load, to 38 seconds to load. Hahahaha, better, but still completely unuseable. Looking forward to when it's down to less than 5 seconds :o)

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Whatever it's doing, hopefully they'll be able to find quiet moments to preload some of it so that when you want that dialog it's there instantly. It's not as if MuseScore needs a lot of CPU power most of the time unless it's playing back a score (in which case you wouldn't want Format/Style anyway). Or maybe they need to break up some elements of it so that the program doesn't have to do so much all in one go.

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