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• Dec 21, 2022 - 01:10

I've recently been working on a new piece using MuseScore 4's new sounds, and I've been having a lot of performance issues.

Specifically, once I generated parts using the same method as MS3, the entire project file just broke. Every time I move to a different measure it stops responding for at least 8-10 seconds, and now at this point, I can't even add time signatures without it crashing. Which, right now, I need to add time signatures to continue my piece.

Is there a way to delete parts (not instruments) like you did in MS3? The option obviously isn't in the same place as it was before. I'm really worried that the button doesn't even exist anymore, so please prove me wrong if you can.


Clicking the X in the part's tab doesn't work for you. If you are working within parts (rather than in the score), not sure that works well yet.

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Yes, I can see this.
ONCE AGAIN. I'm not asking how to close tabs, I'm asking to delete parts. I don't really know how else to explain this.

In MuseScore 3, next to a "Generate Parts" button there was a "Delete Part" button, which completely removed the part from the file until you re-generated it. That button was removed in MuseScore 4. I'm ASKING if the button has been removed, I am not asking how to close the tabs temporarily.

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Then there is no ability to clear out a part and cause it to be regenerated? This was possible in MS3. I didn't do it a lot, but I did it when I had to, mainly when there was some change in the score that didn't get reflected in the part for some reason. That only happened rarely in MS3, but it's happening to me all the time in MS4. There is some serious flaw in the part generation algorithm now (like, it drops whole measures, doesn't propagate changes uniformly in all parts, etc.), and it is very frustrating not to be able to force it to regenerate a part. The function "Reset all formatting" doesn't suffice.

OK. Sorry, but in my head, generate and remove a >part< has nothing to do with adding or removing anything from the >score<. Or >file< as you put it.

So to remove the violin part (staff) from the score (file), I can do it the similar ways in both MS4 and MS3.

Hit "I", select the part (staff, instrument) in question and select the trash can in the upper right.

I confess that the generate parts function in MS3 has too many moving parts to it to be of much use to me. But then I write for playback only, so I haven't used it much.

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A MuseScore .mscz is a compressed (archive) like zip.
Extracting the contents of a MS4 file to an uncompressed folder will show a folder named 'Excerpts':
Deleting the "Excerpts" folder then re-zipping and re-naming the file extension from ".zip" to ".mscz" will allow MuseScore to open it.
Alternatively, one can simply open the .mscx file which does not appear in the Excerpts folder (i.e., Rhythm Warmups.mscx in the above image). There is no need to re-zip anything since MS does this by default upon saving a .mscx file.

Because MS4 handles parts differently (using the 'Excerpts' folder), whenever opening a MS4 .mscx file in MS3 you may still see parts tabs displayed which can be deleted the 'old way' via selecting them all in File > Parts then 'Delete'.

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Agree with others, REALLY HELPFUL explanation and allowed me to fix my "corrupted" file (I believe corrupted) where I had 7 duplicate parts from one instrument in a 5 instrument score that acted like original instrument parts (could not be deleted). I unzipped, opened the main .mscx within which had the correct parts, saved it as a new .mscz outside the unzipped folder and all good to move forward and format my parts!

Big thanks, @Jm6stringer!

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There has been a change...
If you inspect the image here:…
and compare it to what you see nowadays - after clicking the ellipsis (three dots) in the MuseScore 4 Parts dialog, you will notice a new option: 'Reset' - not shown in that image.
So, currently, if a generated part gives you trouble, use 'Reset' instead of unzipping, deleting, and re-generating the part.

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This may have reset the part, but i still had multiple versions of some of the parts. However, the previous advice about messing with the mscz file worked very well, thanks for that, and under windows, renaming it meant i didn't have to unzip it, can just delete from the renamed .zip version and rename it back to .mscz.

I just wish that whoever decided on the directory names didn't use the patch name, but instead had used the long instrument name from the Part Properties that appears on the score. It also would have been cool if the tabs of the individual parts had been in the order of the score, as now it is tough to figure out which cornet is soprano or solo or 1-3, or ripieno.

Either way, thanks for your advice!
-stew king

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