MuseScore 4.0 — It appears that the v4 Handbook section on Plugins has been outlined but not yet written.

• Dec 21, 2022 - 04:45

Upon finding no pertinent information in the MS4.0 Handbook on installing plugins on MacOS I tried putting plugins in Library>Application Support>MuseScore>MuseScore4?Plugins. But that didn't work.

Any advice?



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Hi jojo,

I see a number of "default" plugins in MuseScore 4.0's Plugin Manager. And I've activated a couple of those.

Now I want to add other plugins like jeetee's abc, but But I don't know where to put them because I don't know what folder the Plugin Manager references..


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OK. The long answer regarding plugin locations on MacOS:

    For MuseScore 3.6.2: Users>yourUserName>Documents>MuseScore3>Plugins
    For MuseScore 4.0:    Users>yourUserName>Documents>MuseScore4>Plugins

Now here's a question I've had since first installing in plugins for MuseScore 3:

   On MacOS are the following plugins folders vestigial or planned for future use?:

      • Library>Application Support>MuseScore>MuseScore3>plugins
      • Library>Application Support>MuseScore>MuseScore4>plugins

Also noted, on MacOS, MuseScore 4.0's "default" plugins are installed "hidden" in the MuseScore 4's application package:


Lastly, and only because the topic was already raised in this post, jeetee's abc import plugin installs, and runs, but produces no result ... perhaps because it expects a multi-score environment and therefore cannot proceed? I'll open a new topic to post observations.

UPDATE 2022-12-23 Here's a link to a post I added to see if the abc import plugin is compatible with MuseScore 4.0


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maybe this helps (but I only checked it on windows):

It took me also some time to figure this out...

First, you have to install the plugin:
1. Download the zip file linked under
...currently this is the file:
2. For windows, extract the files here: C:\Program Files\MuseScore 4\plugins\abc_import-4.0.0
3. Check correct installation by starting Musescore 4 and open menu: Plug-Ins-->manage. Here you should see a new button for ABC import

How to use the new ABC import plugin?
It got quite tricky now... Carefully check the video instructions on ttps://
1. Start Musescore 4 and open an empty sheet (or any sheet, without it it does not show the menu)
2. Now open menu: Plug-Ins --> ABC import. You'll get the ABC import pop-up
3. Copy+paste your ABC text (or import by "open file")
4. Click "Import". IMPORTANT: Now you get a new pop-up, asking to open a file. Hidden behind you've also got a link to a local copy of an .xml file. So the next step is:
5. Paste the link into the file path of the pop-up, but remove the filename. For windows this is C:\Users\wir\AppData\Local\Temp
6. Search for the filename from the pasted link here, click and open it
7. Now a new Musescore4 will open, containing your converted ABC
8. Check it and save it at your preferred file location (otherwise you save it to the windows temp dir, don't do this...)

Have fun,

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