MS Basic playback will sustain a note indefinitely on some noteheads

• Dec 21, 2022 - 22:31
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S4 - Minor

Playing four part harmony, with a full orchestra, I have a high soprano A above the staff, with a diamond note head that plays for longer than even the piece itself after it's initially activated. It's like the midi playback is stuck on for that note past the ending of the song for a few seconds. This was a arrangement that was transferred over from MuseScore 3

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Holy_Holy_Full_arrangement.mscz 366.9 KB


Changing the notehead from the Diamond back to a regular note head fixes the problem, but then the problem returns when I use the diamond note head again. I'm using the Diamond notehead to separate the note visually so that I can tell one person in the choir to sing it.

Frequency Once Few

I can reproduce this. This issue occurs on any instrument that has MS Basic for playback. Muse Sounds works correctly, and VSTs don't play back the notes at all. Attached is a score demonstrating the issue.

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Soprano Blues.mscz 19.28 KB
Regression No Yes
Reported version 4.x-dev 4.0

happens on a bunch of different ms basic instruments for me, i'm not sure which notes specifically but it's not like there are muse sounds for brass so it's kind of a blocker for me

Here (attached) is a test of all noteheads. 7 of them have the sustain problem, 20 do not. This is apparently only for Vocal Instruments. The tone is also louder for noteheads that have the sustain issue.

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Bug test.mscz 33.92 KB
Frequency Few Many
Reported version 4.0 4.x-dev

I've been having this problem for a while as well trying to use cross noteheads in vocal parts. I'm on the latest version and I've been experiencing it ever since I switched over to Musescore 4.