MS4 Volume upon input vs volume upon playback.

• Dec 24, 2022 - 19:15

As I'm learning MS4 I thought I'd sketch out a little Christmas melody (after a lovely time with the grandkids!)

So I created a new score with oboe as the lead melody. As I input the notes, the Muse Sound oboe was strong and present; but upon playback the sound is much lower in volume and very distant sounding. (I have the initial dynamic of the oboe set at mf.)

Any clues?

~ Thx, Kevin J.


I have also noticed some problems with Muse Sounds oboe. For now I would suggest raising the oboe volume slider in the Mixer.

Hi Kevin,

I am having the same problem with a guitar duet. Input volume is really loud, playback barely audible.
After adjusting the mixer sliders, the sound disappeared altogether from input or playback. Speakers work fine, restart of the computer didn't help... Will try to reinstall MS4

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