Is there a synthesizer in MuseScore 4, like there was in MuseScore 3?

• Dec 25, 2022 - 02:45

I am still learning how to use MuseScore 4, and am unable to find a synthesizer in MS4, like there was in MS3. I like to change the tuning and effects on the synthesizer in MS3, and would like to do the same in MS4, but I just can't find a way to do that. Can anyone tell me how to find the synthesizer, or if there even is one?


I can't remember where I read it - maybe in the manual? Some official source, at least - but the synthesiser has been removed in MS4

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To be clear - the synthesizer certainly wasn't removed, only the separate window that was formerly used to control various aspects of it. The synthesizer itself is completely integral to playback,. and most of its features are simply accessed directly from the mixer now. Including things like effects - these are now achieved through VST.

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The synthesizer window in MS 3 allowed for easy adjustment of the playback to Instruments sounding in different pitches... You could choose on the fly to have it tuned to 440 Hz, 442 Hz or even 415 Hz for baroque instruments. Very important for example with flute pieces if you both use modern concert flutes and baroque traversos...
Would be nice to have this feature back.

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Ok. Where is the function to assign an individual sound from a soundfont to one individual instrument? All my MS3 scores with full synfonic orchestra are no longer working and I can't find the possibility to assign sound from the orchestra sound font to individual intruments/parts.

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