Missing Legacy Features: Part soundfont voice customisation options missing (V: R: 5485621)

• Dec 25, 2022 - 19:37
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I am running M4 with legacy soundfont (MS Basic).
I have a few music sheets that does not use original soundfont voices associated with the instrument it was originally configured with, due to technical limitations.

For example, I'd like to have on the fly volume control for my synth, which is not normally available for keyboard instruments, so I pick something random that can do it, e.g. voice, and gave it two staves, and only then rename and associated the sound with the sawtooth function.

Some other features that seems to have broken are pitch bend/inflection, tempo dependant vibratos (bar 37, in rehearsal section 05 in my attached example), and tremolo divisions seems to have changed somewhat.

Attached (Hopeless Romantic) is one such project that is configured correctly to work in M3.6 with its default soundfont, but has a lot of its stylistic features missing in M4.0. Listen to individual parts and compare the playback between M3.6 and M4, and you'll see how messy things got in M4.0. I don't expect everything to be resolved though, because the music sheet exploits, certain playback bugs form M3.6 (such as the non-additive pitch bend between vibrato and portamento).

The second attatchment is sort of a quick dirty way to demonstrate some playback behaviours, issues and limitations of pitch bend function in musescore 3.6 and under.

Anyway, I presume the new "realistic playback" features to help integrate muse sounds probably interferes with legacy features, so perhaps it may be better to split it off as a "legacy playback feature" mode that allows users to manually or individually set voices on demand or something for individual parts, so we can get those sweet synthetic effects.

I understand that musescore isn't intended to be a DAW, but heck, if you've gone through the effort and implemented something like musehub, surely this isn't too far fetched of a request.

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Yes, it is known that selection of individual sounds within a soundfont is not directly possible at the moment. It's expected to reutnre in a future update. Meanwhile, though, you can select VST instruments, including sforzando, which can also select sounds within soundfonts.

Pitch bend works in general but isn't fully implemented for Muse Sounds specifically yet. Also the guitar bend specifically is not yet implemented.