Can't stretch window across two monitors

• Dec 26, 2022 - 01:39

Musescore 4, Windows 10.

Can't manually stretch the Musescore 4 window across two monitors. Every app on win 10, including Musescore 3, can do this.

I don't understand. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? How is such basic functionality missing?


In reply to by Aidan Rickel

It doesn't seem to interrogate the right system APIs to locate which monitor its on or the workspace size. Calculations to place menus are extremely suspect too: sometimes they open on the other monitor, sometimes half of the menu runs below the monitor instead of automatically moving upwards to fully display.

There are lots of serious issues with multiple monitor support (or lack thereof.) It seems that the dev/test team never took multiple monitor configuration into consideration at all.

In reply to by Geoffrey T Falk

Yup. In fact there seems to be more issues in v4 than v3. I found that I sometimes get a frozen ghost instance of the program frame (sans score) on one monitor when I'm working on another. If I try to close it, it closes the other instance too.

I also get menus opening on the wrong monitor e.g. I select Tools and the menu opens by itself on the other monitor.

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