Random addition of incorrect and unwanted rests and erasure of parts

• Dec 27, 2022 - 02:57
Reported version
S2 - Critical
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Attached you will see where there are supposed to be unison parts but musescore has randomly erased notes. Also there are extra counts in measures due to random addition of rests I didn't enter. I have tried to copy and paste and several things happen.
1. It won't paste at all
2. I delete first then paste, paste is correct but additional errors / erasures happen randomly.
3. Manually re-enter parts and errors happen in other areas.

At this point I'm spending more time trying to correct parts that were already done than actually entering new parts.

This is also the file submitted as now showing corrupt but will open.


Update. Even though I went through and fixed all errors and saved several times, when I reopen the project, all errors or similar ones have returned.

And just now, when I was correcting parts, I added a tie from one note to another and Musescore completely crashed. It's now taking several attempts to reopen the file. When opened ALL of the previously again corrected errors return.

Another update:
I noticed that the errors were all happening on the same instrument (see vibraphone 1 on the file). I rebuilt that part. The rebuilt part doesn't see to have the same errors so far upon closing and reopening. However, when I tried to delete the offending original part, Musescore crashed twice. Initial attempts to delete were done from the pallete interface. The third time was done in the add instruments screen. That worked. I am still getting the corrupted message though.

Understood. The cause is known, and there is code currently being tested that would fix it. Once that is merged, then the next nightly build would contain the fix.

Meanwhile, my understanding is this is only an issue once parts have been generated, but also, I don't know how to un-generate them in MuseScore 4.

Hmm, the thread title specifically says parts, and earlier you said it seemed like the issues I posted seemed relevant. Could be your case is different,. If so, we'd need an uncorrupted score and precise steps to reproduce the problem, then investigation can begin.

I see where the confusion could be. I meant part of the score as in a section or the one instrument in this case. I did not mean an individual persons part. Unfortunately I cannot provide you with a non-correct score at this point. Obviously now it’s a problem in the scores as well as individual parts. As stated it looks to be just the vibraphone 1 part.