MuseScore 4 chrashes whenever I switch my Audio device to my headphones

• Dec 27, 2022 - 23:22

At first I couldn't start the application. When I read some reports in the FAQ I found out, that I'd have to switch to my default audio device to open it successfully. The default audio device on my PC is for some reason "S22C35 (NVIDEA High Definition Audio)", not my headphones. i tryed to make my headphones the default device but it didn't work even after restarting my PC. Whenever I switch my Audio device in the MuseScore 4 settings the application imideately crashes. I can't work with MuseScore when I'm not hearing anything. Does someone know how to fix this? Or how to make my headphones the default audio device?


Hi! I'm one of the developers and I'm trying to find out what causes these audio-related crashes. Could you take a look at my comment at and try to run the test build from there, and upload the logs here as suggested in that comment? Hopefully that gives me a clue!

Also, do you know by chance which sample rate is used by your headphones? And do you have any kind of "spatial audio" mode enabled? For some people, it helped to disable this.

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Hi, thanks for working on this. I have updated to MS 4.1 but still have the problem that it crashes when I change to my bluetooth speaker or plug in or unplug my wired headphones. It's a problem if I forget, but after an audio device change induced crash, I just reload and carry on with the new audio device and it works fine until I change again.

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