More than 2 output channels doesn't work

• Dec 17, 2022 - 01:43
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I am not entirely sure on any way the issue is happening, so I can not show any steps that would be helpful. I can however show the steps that I did to get to this point.
1. Saw that Musescore 4 was out on Youtube
2. Went to download it
3. Launched Muse-Hub
4. Downloaded Musescore 4
5. Attempted to launch, only for it to immediately close.

 I tried reopening Musescore many times, uninstalling and reinstalling it. I then uninstalled Muse Hub and reinstalled it, but to no avail. I just can't get it to work.


Which OS, Windows? In that case, it has helped for many people to switch to a different audio device. Currently MuseScore's audio driver is causing crashes with some audio devices.

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Same problem. Musecore 4.0 will not load at all. Crashes immediately after the splash screen appears. No error message appears. It never finishes loading.

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I am on Win 10. I was using MuseScore 4.0 for a little while as well, and now it does the same exact thing every time. I have installed it, uninstalled it three times. Same issue presents. It starts the splash screen and the MuseScore4.exe process starts up. Then it crashes after a few seconds. I have tried to change the audio device out in my system settings but it does not correct the issue.

Update: When I physically pulled the plug on my FocusRite 4i4, it worked. Anyone know when MuseScore will have a fix for this audio issue?

Long time ago programming code itself contained debugging code which could be switched on/off. But today the debugging is a service of the integrated programming environment if I'm right. Therefore we are often unable to give useful bug reports with error codes and notes. The enormous variety of hardware makes bug removal even harder. We just gotta be very patient.

I'm one of the developers and I'm trying to find the cause of these crashes. Unfortunately, I'm still not able to reproduce the problem on my own PC, so I'll need your help.

I have created a test version, that won't resolve the problem yet, but writes some detailed information to the log files, which should help tracking down where in the code the crash happens exactly. Basically, my question is to reproduce the crash with this test build, and then send me the resulting log files. To do this, could you please do the following:
1. Configure your audio devices in such way that MuseScore will crash.
2. Go to… and click "Download" in the top left corner (you don't need to log in).
3. The downloaded file is a zip file; unpack it.
4. Inside the resulting unpacked folder, you should find a subfolder called bin, and inside that folder you should find MuseScore4.exe. This is the file you need; double-click it to launch MuseScore.
5. Try whether it launches correctly, and whether playback works correctly (tip: turn down your volume before trying, just in case)
6. Now, in Windows Explorer, please go to %localappdata%\MuseScore\MuseScore4Development\logs to find the logs. (Note that this is a different location than for the logs of the official version: this test version puts the logs in MuseScore4Development, while the official version puts them in MuseScore4.)
7. Here you should find the logs from the last attempt to run the test version. Please upload them here; you may need to rename them to have .txt at the end, so that the forum lets you upload them.
8. When you are ready, you can simply remove the downloaded folder; with this procedure, nothing is installed on your computer, so you don't need to uninstall anything either.

If several people who experience the crash could do this, that will hopefully bring us further. Thanks in advance! Let me know if you have questions.

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I'm attaching my files. The one with "DEV" in the title was generated using your instructions above; the one without "DEV" in the title was nabbed from my regular MuseScore local app data log directory.

Notice how short the regular MuseScore log is. That's literally as far as it gets. The dev version you provided, on the other hand, will actually launch, although it won't play anything. Annoyingly, it also won't crash when I try to play, even if I mess with the audio I/O preferences.

This is my audio device:
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen)
Sample Rate: 44100
Buffer Size: 48
Clock Source: USB Internal
Clock Status: LOCKED
Firmware: 1605

Here's what happened when I ran the file you linked to:
When I unpack the Dev version, it actually launches with my normal Windows audio settings (which use the Focusrite as my default audio device), which is new. In the dev version, I get three choices for Audio Device: System default, Realtek High Definition Audio (my laptop's onboard audio), and Focusrite. I don't change anything, and if I hit Play, the play cursor shows up, but it doesn't scroll and nothing plays. If I change to Focusrite, it won't let me select a buffer size, and it still won't play. The same if I select Realtek. Currently, Windows is set up to use the Focusrite, which is an external audio interface connected via USB-C.

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The regular Musescore version doesn't launch at all, the dev version loads, but I can't input any notes or playback.

I use "Steelseries GG sonar" as a third party audio software/ standard input device. The gaming and media inputs (which I assume it would use one of those two) are set to 8 channel, 24 bit, 96000 Hz. That's the only setting there is for them (except the same setting with “studio quality” in the title)

I'm on Win 10, x86

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Hi, tested the version. I retested the initial Musescore version that would crash when I ran my Focusrite drivers (Focusrite 4i4 hardware), and it still crashed. This version with your fix loaded up with no issues that I could see. I was able to test an input of a few notes manually, and had it play through a simple score. It did not play according to the tempo set for the score but it played without crashing. I attached the logs. Nice!

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I downloaded and ran the new dev version sent on 12/29/22. Logs are attached below. This time, it was able to play from a score and input new notes, but the playback was distorted and had a lot of lag, and the lag was even worse when entering notes. But, it did not crash, so that's good. I have the same configuration as before (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2). The playback issues continued even after I set the preferences to use the Focusrite instead of System Default.

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Title Won't Load More than 2 output channels doesn't work
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Hi, thank you for your response!

My system is a Windows 10 Pro with a Behringer x32 compact mixer (USB audio interface) 48kHz, 32 input/output channels.

Interesting, if I use
- in Windows the audio system onboard-interface on the mainboard (realtek high definition audio) no problem, 
- in Musescore Preferences/I/O/Audio Output, no problem
- Behringer x32 only 2 Channels output (system or/and Musescore), no problem

But! Behringer x32 8 Channels output in Musescore, playback is 4-time faster and 2 octaves system Developer Nightly (MuseScore- Version is starting, 
Main Version over the Muse-Hub doesn't starting!The problem seems to be with the output channels. More than 2 channels are not working.

Temporary Workaround: only 2 channels output.

Thank You very much for your input and development of this beautiful Application!
Happy new year!


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Hello everyone!

As promised, I have created two new test versions that may fully resolve the problem (including the weird high-pitched and fast playback). It would be great if you could test them, and report which one works best, the one called wasapi_autoconvert or the one called wasapi_closest_convert_manually. You can download them from:
- wasapi_autoconvert:…
- wasapi_closest_convert_manually:…

To run them, extract the downloaded ZIP file, and in the resulting folder, go to the bin folder, where you will find MuseScore4.exe. Double-click it to run it.

It would be great if you could test which of these versions work the best: can you open a score and does playback sound correctly?

Additionally, it would be great if you could upload the log files from %localappdata%\MuseScore\MuseScore4Development\logs. You may need to rename them to .txt or wrap them in a ZIP file to be able to upload them here.

Thanks in advance!

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More than 2 output channels comes very handy.

Suppose we use NI Kontakt sampler in multitimbral way. We load 8 instruments in Kontakt, each having an individual midi channel. Then we send 8 stereo audio channels to mixer so that we can equip each of the 8 instruments with individual effects, volume and pan. And somewhere and later all gets mixed down to stereo master output .

I suggested earlier the folloving (#339580 )

I think the mixer should have signal router capabilities. It acts as a switch box between the score and the instruments, connecting each score staff to some instrument. It should make possible to change the midi channel, let one staff drive several instruments (including MS Basic, Muse Sound, VST3), let several staves drive the same instrument (multitimbral, multichannel) and build effect chains (FX - instrument, many FX - one instrument, one FX - many instruments).v

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@talshiar That is yet another issue though :)
(but indeed also something we should and will tackle in the future)

In this context, with "more than two channels", we mean special "surround" speaker systems. MuseScore only supports stereo output, which is okay (music software that supports more channels is very unusual, as far as I know).

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I'm experiencing the same problem right now. on the current latest relase (according to the in program update checker). I'm on Win11 running a 7.1 device. On my other desktop, the same setup is used (with exactly the same 7.1 device), but that works fine. Nightly launches, but playback (both visually on the score and in audio) is sped (and pitched) up significantly.

If I reconfigure the device (within windows Sound->Playback->Configure) to stereo, it starts working again, until I go back to 7.1

Edit: That was a mistake on the ,,regression" part. I don't know if it's the exact same problem for sure, but functionally this is a problem, that I didn't have before. I've used MS4 on this computer with this setup.

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