Is there an inspector for Musescore 4?

• Dec 28, 2022 - 05:38

I was wondering if there is an inspector panel that allows me to set the precise offset for text.


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MuseScore 4 does not currently support the old concept of "channels"; it uses a different method to organize sounds. If you explain in more detail what you are trying to do, we can understand and assist better.

Swing ratio is set in the same way as in previous versions - right-click the Swing text, then select System text properties.

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Looks like you soundfont is not GM-compliant. Currently MuseScore 4 lacks controls to select individual sounds from within sound fonts - it relies on GM for that. But you can use sforzando - a free VST - to select the sounds on Windows or macOS. Or split the soundfont into individual sounds so MuseScore can work with them directly.

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I did not understand what it means when you write
"add an actual instrument change at that point instead of a plain staff text".
Can you gently explain?

Also, to complete, I would like to point out a very frequent situation in the guitar music pages (more than 200) that I wrote with Mus3. The example of the attached file shows a case in which simultaneously I have two different sound "Expressions", one for voice 1 the other for voice 2: to write music for guitar it is practically necessary to handle these situations also on Mu4.
On my FB page there are many of my adaptation works

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Instrument changes are found on the Text palette, or in Add / Text / Instrument change. When adding from the palette, a dialog immediately pops up to allow you to select the new instrumet. When adding from the menu, iyou would need to then right-click the text to get to the dialog. Then once you have selected the new instrument, you can use the Mixer to change its sound.

Unfortunately, the ability to have different sounds in different voices is not currently supported. It's something I would expect to see come back at some point though.

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