Chord Input in MuseScore 4 doesn't work as expected

• Dec 28, 2022 - 09:55

I am on Mac Monterey, 13" Macbook M1, MuseScore 4
In chord input mode I am unable to move the cursor forward by measure. I can only move it forward note by note.

Also, after importing music from xml to MuseScore 4 the chord input is completely broken. It is simply not possible to input chords. After activating the chord input mode with Command K you can type the chord name but after continuing to the next place the chord letter disappears.


As mentioned, the shortcut for navigating measures has changed to Ctrl+Right, both to make Tab available for its usual accessibility function but also for consistency with how Ctrl+Right navigates measures in normal & note input modes. On Mac, I assume that's Cmd+Right.

You can also use space and semicolon as always.

If you have a specific score with an issue, please attach it and give precise steps to reproduce the problem.

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Attached is the score with which I am experiencing the problems I've described. Can you actually move the cursor during chord input mode from one measure to the next with any of the recommended keyboard shortcuts? I've tried them all, none of them worked. On the other hand during note input mode I can skip from measure to measure with the key commands you described (Command - right Arrow)

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Yes, Ctrl+Right works exactly as expected. You tried both Ctrl+Right and Cmd+Right? As far as I know no other users have reported a problem with this, so I doubt it's something that affects all Mac keyboards. Is there something unusual about yours perhaps?

You also mentioned some sort of problem actually entering the chords. That makes me wondering is there is a more basic problem with your installation. Anything unusual about how you installed MuseScore 4? If you are still having trouble simply entering chords, can you give precise steps to reproduce the problem?

Can some other Mac user see if it is working?

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It is really strange but it doesn't work for me both on my iMac (Intel) and my MacBook (M1). I was asking myself if it could have something to do with the fact that my keyboard has a German layout? But then again with MuseScore 3 using the Tab key everything works as expected. And also switching to an English Layout didn't help. I thought I might find a keyboard shortcut in the Preferences/Shortcuts list which would give me the chance of setting up my own shortcut but I didn't find an item which seemed appropriate. Is there one?

The problem with chord input in general which I experienced happened after I imported a musicxml file which I had extracted from a Sibelius 8 file using the trial version of Sibelius 2022. Once the notes were in MuseScore 4 all chord symbols only showed the modifiers but no letter names. When I select those truncated chord symbols the letter names appear but after leaving the selection the chord letter names are gone again. Deleting the chords and trying to input the chord manually from scratch didn't help. Chord letters are simply not displayed, even though they are there. Check out the attached musicxml file.

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Oh yes, there is indeed a known bug where after importing a MusicXML file, you need to save and reload it before chord symbols work properly. I had forgotten about that.

Regarding the next measure shortcut, strange, there are also lots of German users and I'm not hearing other reports of problems. Maybe try Help / Revert to factory settings, in case someho things got messed up somehow.

There is indeed a shortcut you can define for next measure - "go to next measure".

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I had to reassign "go to next measure" before being able to move forward by measure. Command-Right simply wouldn't work. I went back to the TAB key because I was used to that. Could it be that some other app is capturing the new default key command? I've been looking for that but so far I haven't found anything.

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Hi, Mark

I'm also having problems in Musescore 4 on a Mac moving from one chord symbol to the next measure. When I select COMMAND+RIGHT/LEFT ARROW, it just moves the cursor from one side of the chord symbol to another. That is what Apple says COMMAND+RIGHT/LEFT ARROW is supposed to do (

Using the space bar to get from one beat to the other works as expected.

I'm using:
- Mac Mini M1, 2020, 8 GB, macOS Ventura 13.1
- Apple Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth (not Magic), American English
- Musescore, Rev: 9b70a8c

Attached please find a new test score and a screenshot of my Musescore shortcut Preferences settings.

Otherwise, I'm enjoying Musescore 4.


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Hi, Mark -

I checked Musescore 3 as well (same computer system), and found that:
- TAB still works to get me to the next measure.
- COMMAND+RIGHT/LEFT ARROW behaves just like it does in Musescore 4 (moving the insertion point to one side of the chord symbol.)
- The Musescore 3 Preference Shortcut for "go to the next measure" is COMMAND+RIGHT/LEFT ARROW (not TAB). I haven't changed any of the Preferences shortcuts in either version of Musescore.

So I think that TAB was allowed in Musescore 3 through code that didn't use the Preferences setting.

Please see my Musescore 3 test score and Preferences Shortcuts screenshot.

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Yes, Tab used to be the command for this, and was hard-coded as such. But Tab is an important key for accessibility purposes, used to move around the interface by keyboard. So it is now reserved for that function, and that is why Ctrl+Left/Right is used instead (and Ctrl is usually Cmd on Mac keyboards). And yes, it has a different function while editing ordinary text, but for chord symbols specifically, it navigates by measure.

If it isn't working on your keyboard in particular, then that is a bug, and apparently at least some other Mac users are seeing this as well. See

I am a Mac user, OS Ventura, M1 Max Mac Studio, Musescore 4.
I am having the same problem advancing by one measure. Command-right does not seem to work.
I tried completing uninstalling and reinstalling the software, which did not help.
Advance by one beat does work for me.

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I'll do that.

About this topic though, the point is that cmd--> and cmd<-- aren't recognized by MS4 therefore seems a bug to me. By the way, I'll add a couple of another unrecognized shortcut on my MacBookPro 16" - Italian Keyboard :

{ Decrease Layout stretch
} Increase Layout stretch

I've changed those too


Hmm, I tried to reassign to TAB and it wouldn't let me. (macBook air)
This is kind of deal breaker to me as I write lead sheets a lot and really need a quick way to enter one or two chord symbols for each bar.
I'll be reverting back to version 3.
Too bad.

Want to add that I'm having the same issue. On a 2017 Macbook Pro 16" intel core i7. Command arrow doesn't work, I can't reassign TAB. I mainly write out lead sheets, so hitting spacebar for each quarter note isn't a huge deal, but after years of using TAB it's hard to break that muscle memory, and I would love the restore the use of TAB.

Is this bug being being looked at?

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To clear, you are saying you on macOS, and Cmd+Right doesn't work with your specific keyboard? How about if you go to Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts and redefine the shortcut got "go to next measure / move text right quickly" - change to something else, then back to Cmd+Right. Also try other modifiers with Right.

Every keyboard is different so it's difficult to guarantee every shortcut works on all keyboards, but there was a fix made that may improve things - feel free to help test a nightly build of 4.1 (go to the main Downlaod page via the menu at the top of this site, then scroll down). It would be great if someone who is experiencing the problem could help confirm if the fix works works for them.

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