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• Dec 29, 2022 - 14:00

Why does MuseScore not show a print preview?
And why does it print even pages upside down on double sided docs?

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Not sure what you mean about not showing a print preview, it pretty much always shows a print preview. You can also switch to the Publish tab if you mean you'd like to hide the invisible * non-printing symbols, or you can disable them from the View menu or the Properties panel.

No idea what you mean about printing upside down. That might be a setting in your printer driver you need to change.

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Thanks Marc.

I just did what I have done for years with MuseScore 3.
As the Word doc screenshot shows there is "No preview available".

I have just changed the PC, modem, screen, and upgraded to MuseScore 4.
Trauma does not cover my Christmas. LOL

As for the printing upside down I can get round this with individual printing.
Maybe my PC has somehow inverted the Flip long edge with Flip short edge option, I notice they have changed places now in the option box. But I have no time to look into today.


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I'm not understanding a the Word doc is relevant, but FWIW, I don't have Word installed. Can you explain what you mean about "No preview available"? What specifically are you doing that you beleive is supposed to show a preview? museScore has never had a print preview feature until MuseScore 4's new "Publish" tab, but it's possible your printer driver was providing something on its own? Maybe an update to the driver is also what flipped your pages.

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Getting same issue - when printing double sided in landscape even pages are upside down. In other software eg Pages with same printer driver settings even pages are the right way up . Doesn't seem to be any printer driver setting to flip even pages. Think it may be a Musescore thing...

NB On Mac Sonoma running MS4.3.1


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