MuseScore 4 Keeps Crashing/Corrupted Files

• Dec 29, 2022 - 18:47

Musescore 4 is constantly crashing for me on my laptop. When I open it up again, it asks if I want to restore the previous session, and when I click yes, it says I cant open [score name] because it's been corrupted. If I click on it in the recently opened menu, or by looking in my files, it says the same thing. I can ignore the corrupted warning and still open the document, and once I do that it opens just fine and functions just fine, and once I change something and save it again it's no longer corrupted...until the next time it crashes. I have to save every one or two edits to prevent it from crashing and losing tons of progress. Will this be something fixed in a future update? Based on the other posts I'm reading, the program crashing is a common occurrence, and others seem to be having issues with corrupted files as well. Is there any response as to when this will be fixed?


It's not likely to happen quickly or over the holiday period.

" Based on the other posts I'm reading, the program crashing is a common occurrence"
So your post is better added as a comment to one of those, as responding to hundreds of duplicate posts doesn't speed up the fixing process.

The following worked for my problem with Musecore 4 version

OS: Windows 10 Version 2009, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.0-223472200, revision: 5485621

Try this.

  1. Export your corrupted .mscz to MusicXML.
  2. Open your MusicXML with Musescore 3.
  3. Choose show details at the prompt. Copy the information and paste it in a notepad/new text document.
  4. Open your Musecore 4 project that is corrupted and correct the measures that are corrupted. Press ctrl+F and type the measure number that you want to go to. Use the ctrl+F method because the information on the bottom of your screen might be wrong as it does not count measures that you add after creating your project e.g pickup notes.
  5. Clear the corrupted measures and reenter the notes you want.
  6. Export your work to MusicXML. Then, close Musecore 4 and 3.
  7. Open the MusicXML file you have just exported with Musecore 4. Save it as .mscz.
    Your project should now be no longer corrupted.

Editing your corrupted .mscz and directly saving it will make your corrupted measure reappear / have the risk of corrupting other measures.

If you had done panning or adding FX or using musesounds in your original project, redo your panning, adding of audio FX, mastering etc. Would be nice if you have 2 monitors to do this. Musescore 4 will open your old project and your new one in two windows.

*I noticed that repeat signs get messed up for my drums. So, I had to copy and paste my repeat signs for my drums. My rhythm guitar section that was made using the 'toggle rhythm slash notation' was also affected. Had to edit those too. At least, upon saving, my project didn't stay corrupted. You might find different issues, though.

Figured this out after countless times exporting to MusicXML to find the corrupted measures and correcting the corrupted measures in my original .mscz project which sometimes corrects the problem but more often than not just corrupts other measures and doesn't correct the measures at all upon save.

Found these ideas from the forums. Thank you to them for sharing their workarounds.

Hope this helps you and a lot of people and the developers (Thank you so much to them for making MS4. Loved it. Hope it keeps getting better).



I think I'm going to try deleting the corrupted measures in my original project (instead of only clearing them) and copy and paste the notes/section from my new project to see if that repairs the problem in my original project. [UPDATE: Didn't work. Rendered my original file unable to be exported to MusicXML format just like editing and copy and pasting from the original to the original].

I had a problem with my score being corrupted. Loading it in seemed to work OK apart from a few notes which were by rests. (This happened again every time I reopened the score). However, I also had repeated unexpected crashes which I thought was perhaps was somehow related.

I followed the advice on this forum to export my score to MusicXML and then open it in Musescore3. Interestingly, Musescore3 has an extra option when you open a corrupted score: "view details". This helpfully showed that the time signature in some bars of some staves was not 4/4/ but 5/4 from some bars and 11/16 for another bar. I was able to find these bars and edit out the oddities. This removed the file corruption. The bars with 5 quavers were the ones where notes had kept disappearing so now I know the cause.

Anyway, I feel Musescore4 will be great once the bugs are ironed out. In the meantime: using MusicXML exports into Musescore3 provides a good way to find causes of file corruption.

Musescore 4 is quite buggy, as expected. I also have a lot of problems and it periodically crashes for no apparent reason.
My workaround is this: when you see it crashing more often or at a specific point, copy all the notes and paste them in a new file. It can be a hassle to add repetitions, voltas and a bunch of other stuff, but it can guarantee it working better for a few days. I think the problem lies in the amount of info in a sheet music. Maybe working too much on a piece makes overloads Musescore, but pasting everything in a new file clears the cache of something, I dunno. But it kinda works for me.

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