**SOLVED** How to fix a corrupted file? (Musescore 4)

• Jan 5, 2023 - 18:11

Ok so, I had a .mscz file saved in MS3 before converting it to MS4. Apparently, it corrupted while I was trying to make edits to fix a bunch of piano measures that was acting a bit funky with musesounds. I should mention this is a BIG concert band piece (full instrumentation w/ piano and 5 percussion parts). How do I uncorrupt a file because it won't upload to the website anymore?


Try this: if MU4 opens the file export it as Musicxml. Open it with 3.6.2 to find and correct the corrupted measures. Save, open with MU4. It doesn't necessarily work though.

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Another approach... without using the MusicXML conversion.

Okay, so you have a MuseScore 4 file: "BIG concert band piece.mscz" which has corruptions.
The ".mscz" file extension denotes a compressed file. Use a software like 7-Zip to decompress. (Depending on which software you use, you may need to re-name the ".mscz" file suffix to ".zip")

In the newly uncompressed folder look for "BIG concert band piece.mscx" - notice the .mscx file extension. Open this "BIG concert band piece.mscx" in MuseScore 4 and see if it is corruption free and usable.

If not, open "BIG concert band piece.mscx" in MuseScore3, which will protest, but press 'Ignore'. You should now have your score opened in MuseScore 3. Save this as a MuseScore 3 file (.mscz) and close it. Then re-open it in MuseScore 3 to "show" any corruption(s) - for example;
Measure 52, staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 0/1
Measure 53, staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 0/1
Measure 54, staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 15/8

MuseScore 3 allows to display a list of any corruption(s) it finds. MuseScore 4 does not.
You can make the repairs in MuseScore 3, then save the repaired score. Finally, if desired, open the repaired score in MuseScore 4 and save it there.

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"MuseScore 3 allows to display a list of any corruption(s) it finds. MuseScore 4 does not."

Do you know why? That seems odd.
I have a corrupted file but the things is, I started it in MuseScore 4 so I may have a slightly different issue. I'd like to diagnose my corruption and fix it instead of just having to start over.

Never mind I tried your approach again more carefully and it worked. Still odd though that MuseScore 4 doesn't have its own "Show Details".

Thanks for the help!

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I was directed to this solution a few days ago with regard to a file I had converted from its original working file in Muscore 3, into Muscore 4. The consequent file immediately reported corruption and yet would not export to an XML due to a crash that inevitably occurred at export. Now, I have tried the work around above to attempt to open the file as .mscx in MS3, but I receive the following error:

"Cannot read file /Users/kokichi/Desktop/NAE/NAE PHASE 2/SCORES - MUSIC/010 - SHUGOSHIN/Nov2022Shugoshin_CompactMS4/Nov2022Shugoshin_CompactMS4.mscx:
Permission denied"

I am nonplussed! Please help!

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My post above:
explains about unzipping the MuseScore 4 ".mscz" file to extract the ".mscx" file. The ".mscx" file can be opened in MuseScore 3, which will protest about it being from a newer version. Pressing 'Ignore' will open it in MuseScore 3. If this score is now saved in MuseScore 3 (no longer branded as MuseScore 4) and then re-opened in MuseScore 3 the 'Show Details' button will become available if any corruptions exist.
(MuseScore 4 does not allow to show corruptions.)

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Thank you! Had this exact issue. But I could not "repair" the 9/8 in my staff 1. I would never have even located it without your guidance to Musescore 3!) My "fix" was to delete the corrupted measure, then add a blank measure and repopulate it. Basically cut-n-paste for all staffs except staff 1which I manually edited. Tiny bit of tidying and I'm recovered. Big thank you to this forum!
MUSESCORE - Please fix this! My repair was straightforward, but I spent more than an hour figuring it out. All we really need is a version 3 diagnostic to locate where the issue is located. Perhaps a more complete diagnostic. And leave the diagnostic there after you address the periodic crashes that seem to lead us down this path. Thank you!

All of my muscore 3 files were on my onedrive file system. I just received my new windows 11 laptop today so I wanted to see if the stuttering on Version 4 was gone with the 16GB. Every file I try to open with Version 4 is corrupted. I thought ok maybe it is windows 11 so I downloaded muscore 3 and tried to open my files from my old laptop which were saved on onedrove. Every file version 3 file I tried to open with Musescore 3 was again corrupted. I then tried to open the files with Muscore version 3 & 4 on my previous laptop and the opened file. I am at a loss. Any suggestions?

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Earlier you wrote:
I used the "hidden" file and it worked perfectly.

Okay, so if it worked perfectly, why the further need to post anything here?
On the other hand, if you need to post something, forget the uncompressed version (since it's too big) and attach the .mscz (compressed) file. We can unzip it ourselves.

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