I would go back to 3.6 if I could

• Dec 30, 2022 - 01:38

I use Musescore to write songs - leads sheets mostly. After years of fighting with finale I found Musescore 3.6 and said Hallelujah! It was wonderful, so easy and intuitive and free!
If seems churlish to carp and complain about all the work that went into the new version but ... I would go back to 3.6 in a heart beat if I could. There is absolutely nothing I have found about 4 that is an improvement and most of the features I use, are worse. It is SO buggy. I am sure over time it will all get fixed.
Meanwhile I have either created new or revised several pieces of music in version 4 and I cannot open them with 3.6. So V4.0 it is, I sure hope the bug fixes come soon. Musescore is an outstanding piece of software and I am super grateful to the folks who put it together, I just wish the improvements really were.


I'm also planning on going back to 3. The changes to 4 are ridiculous. Normally I can navigate my way around an upgrade of program, but none of these changes are intuitive or makes any sense. Forget the loss of the Dave button (but don't really), why would you get rid of the Note Input: Rest function??? When don't you need to input tests????

My only problem with 3 is for some reason the V button started making everything invisible and ignoring it as an actual text input; even V by itself isn't a shortcut. That's what prompted me to upgrade
Now to make a support thread for that and hopefully someone can help...

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It is true, I guess, that the step from MS3 to MS4 is larger than the previous steps from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3. To me the superior look of the scores in 4 makes it all worth it. I am struggling with a variety of features but one gets used to them--plus, unlike for many other applications there is always help on this forum.

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