Musescore 3.6.2 minimum system requirements?

• Dec 30, 2022 - 11:03

I'm badly surprised that my Windows10 computers no longer meet the Musescore 4 minimum system requirements. For years, I had no performance issues with Musescore on my three Windows10 computers. In Corona Lockdowns I was able to rehearse online with 6 musicians, Musescore, Jamulus, and Audacity successfully running on the same Windows10 computer,

Can someone tell me where I can still view the previous Musescore 3.6.2 minimum system requirements?


Windows 10 is sufficient, for 3.x and 4.x. The latter though needs a 64-bit Windows 10 or later, the former exist in a 32-bit version too, and also still runs on Windows 7

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I do have 2 pc's running 64-bit Windows 10, have Musescore-4 installed on both and it is running, that is not the point, but the replay sound performance is bad. Thats why I was thinking it is a performance issue. Because I have single-core Cpu's and the system requirements now are 4 or 8 core's recommended, it could be a performance issue. In the Windows 10 task manager however I noticed a stable 40% Cpu load which is not alarming to my opinion.

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I also had a 64 bit Windows 10 machine that was not able to play back adequately for MS4. However, this machine was not able to upgrade to Windows 11 because of its specs. I think it's more accurate to say MS4 will run under Windows 10 but you need a machine capable of running Windows 11 to do so.

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Perhaps you might detail what not-unusual system tweaks helped your Windows environments. Windows users here might find that advice helps them. And future posters could see what you uncovered, removing the chance they lament their 'poorer' performance - such that they don't post here.

The minimum system requirements seem a big exaggerated when you look at them. 8 GB RAM? MS4 seems to use nowhere near those amounts for example. I have no idea how they derived these requirements.

I suggest you try it, and it will probably work anyways.

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Thanks for your reaction. Checked the tips in your link and added a 2i2 Focusrite (3rd generation) audio interface but it dit not improve the Musescore replay sound performance. B.t.w. it took me several days to find the interface because I didn't know anymore where about year ago I had stored it.

I don't mean to muddy-up-the-water, commenting about MS3 / MS4 on an Ubuntu Linux system. The hardware is a "thin-client" HP desktop, 32Gb RAM, 1.8Ghz CPU, quad-core. It is a modest computer. MS3 is very satisfactorily responsive in-program, and handles any size score or playback.

Now that I'm testing MS4 (with MuseSounds), the in-program response is overall quite sluggish, note-entry requires unaccustomed waiting .5 - 1 seconds (it seems) for an entered note to sound. Sometimes, rewinding to start-of-score, then playing-back, it takes 1, 2 measures for ALL INSTRUMENTS to come to life. Hey, it's a brand-new release. I'll be patient.

I've gotten comments here that suggest my system "is fine for MS4"... That purchasing a fast/powerful computer likely is not needed. Alrighty. By June 2023, let's see how kinks get ironed out, and how MS4.2.6 has become a snappy performer, user-wise.

MS4 will possibly run with 4Gb RAM but it rapidly uses more memory if you open more than one score. My current (non-musical) work with a large spreadsheet and 3 browser tabs open showed 3.0Gb being used. On opening MS4 this rose to 3.3 and on creating 4 new files it went close to 4 with the fifth file (with just two instruments, no notes yet) it went up to 4.2. Running MS3, in contrast, only went up to 3.5Gb used even with 5 scores open including the entire 2nd Act of Notre Dames de Paris.

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