Musescore 4 crashing upon playback

• Dec 31, 2022 - 05:24
Reported version
S2 - Critical

Musescore 4 with the musesound plugin crashes upon playback pass a certain critical point in the score.
I have all the musesounds active which causes the crash, where the default basic sound doesn't crash it.


Frequency Many Few

The MuseScore 4 in my windows comp played the composition to the end without trouble.

There is a test version from one of the developers which you can download from… (click "download" in the top left corner, no need to create an account). Then unzip the zip file, and in the resulting folder, go to the "bin" folder and open "MuseScore4.exe". Then check, if it pleases you, (under the circumstances where the official version would crash) if this version launches correctly and if playback works. Then please go to %localappdata%\MuseScore\MuseScore4Development\logs in Windows Explorer, and upload the files that are in that folder (You may need to ZIP them before the forum lets you upload them; or you can just open the files in a text editor, copy the contents, and paste it here.)

Frequency Few Many
Reproducibility Always Randomly
Severity S2 - Critical S3 - Major
Type Plugins Functional
Workaround No Yes

Musescore 4 is quite buggy, as expected. I also have a lot of problems and it periodically crashes for no apparent reason.
My workaround is this: when you see it crashing more often or at a specific point, copy all the notes and paste them in a new file. It can be a hassle to add repetitions, voltas and a bunch of other stuff, but it can guarantee it working better for a few days. I think the problem lies in the amount of info in a sheet music. Maybe working too much on a piece makes overloads Musescore, but pasting everything in a new file clears the cache of something, I dunno. But it kinda works for me.

Frequency Few Many
Reproducibility Randomly Always
Severity S2 - Critical S3 - Major
Status needs info active

Started having this issue last night. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Muse Score and all Muse Sound packs. It always crashes at the same place, BUT ONLY when the Piccolo part is set to use Muse Sounds instead of MS Basic. I've attempted to isolate as many variables as possible:

The crash happens at the same point in the piccolo part (bar 21, beat 3.5) but again only when the piccolo is using the new Muse Sound Piccolo. When using MS Basic, there's no crash, even when the entire rest of the orchestra is using Muse Sounds (including two flutes). When I start playback with the MS Basic Piccolo and switch to the Muse Sounds Piccolo, the piccolo part goes out of sync, lagging behind the rest of the score by a couple bars, and the rest of the parts can play past bar 21, however when the piccolo arrives at bar 21, beat 3.5, the program crashes. This behavior is consistent on my system.

My only workaround at this point is to use MS Basic for the piccolo, which is less than ideal, and hope this gets fixed in the next patch.

EDIT: I used Windows Event Viewer to pull this error from the void today. I hope it helps...

  • System

    • Provider

    [ Name] Application Error

    • EventID 1000

    [ Qualifiers] 0

    Version 0

    Level 2

    Task 100

    Opcode 0

    Keywords 0x80000000000000

    • TimeCreated

    [ SystemTime] 2023-02-06T21:27:19.2829448Z

    EventRecordID 56621


    • Execution

    [ ProcessID] 0
    [ ThreadID] 0

    Channel Application

    Computer Tiburon-347a


  • EventData

    C:\Program Files\MuseScore 4\bin\MuseScore4.exe