File Management with Cloud Saving

• Jan 1, 2023 - 16:33

I'm having trouble understanding file management in MS even after watching the Learn video. It seems that you either save scores to the cloud or save them locally, but these two methods are not seamless and interchangeable. I'm inclined to save files to the cloud because in my mind it would provide universal access across devices but have run into a limitation. When I use MS on other computers from which my scores were not created/saved to the cloud, the scores are not discoverable in my Home menu, so I cannot access and open them. It seems saving scores to the cloud limits access to the computer you used to create and save them. This could be user error and not an issue with MS cloud score management, but I really was expecting and hoping to use cloud file management in the same way Google Drive works, where I can just open a score from any device and if desired, save them locally to a computer. I hope this makes sense.


I'm in pretty much the same boat. I just made my first score in MS 4 and I thought I'd try the cloud option from the save menu. (I was logged in to No complaints but no acknowledgement either, and not sure where I'd go to retrieve it, but Ima read up on that. Then I thought I'd try the "Publish to" option from the panel. It said I either needed to login or create a new account. I verified that I was indeed already logged in as the last thing I wanna do is keep track of yet another account. I pushed the Login button anyway but nothing happened. Not critical at this time, I'm just playing today, but this is definitely a feature I want to use if it is as seamless as it should be. Thanks!!!!!

Found this after googling, having the same problem myself. If I delete a score from the cloud it also stays locally on my computer. In other words, the local app and the cloud has virtually no syncing whatsoever.

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