Musescore files corrupting regularly

• Jan 3, 2023 - 04:08
Reported version
S2 - Critical
needs info

Any large file in Musescore 4 quickly becomes corrupted and crashes upon interacting with corrupted elements. Going back on older saves fixes problems until corrupted areas are modified, and the problem returns.


Frequency Many Once
Severity S1 - Blocker S2 - Critical
Status active needs info
Type EPIC Functional

Score needed and steps to reproduce

I believe this might well be the case. It tells me that the volume of beta testing has been very small in comparison to the volume of current users. I waited for the official release before starting with MS4. Very many must have done the same. So we are now doing the real big volume beta test of the software. It is unavoidable and necessary.
MS4 is a REAL big redesign of the software, it is completely new code. Bugs love such a situation.

The mscz file form has a definite structure. It follows that a corruption checker can be made. It would be handy to have a corruption checker in the MS4 file menu, for external files and for checking internally what the save command would write.

Frequency Once Many

Corruptions for me are occurring as measures with an incorrect amount of beats in them. This happens often when I change time signatures retroactively, even when there is nothing after the measure being changed. Below are two examples from one score. The first (m.4) is one I was able to work around, but the time signature was doubled and editing the measure is a lost cause. The second is at the last place I was working. Working on the score is not impossible without deleting and re-writing huge swaths of what I've written. As I'm preparing score samples to submit to this Musescore4 crashed again. Just cutting up the file made musescore crash. I didn't want to have to submit the whole file to make it easier to find the corruptions but I can't do that. Here's the whole file.