GDAD Mandolin Tabbed

• Jan 3, 2023 - 19:20

I'm trying to create an new instrument, a mandolin tuned GDAD but showing tablature, I've looked at the instruments.xml but I think tabbed instruments are referencing a staff type preset but that may not be available for this tuning?


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Here's how I think you can still create a custom tuning or custom instrument.
Just like in MuseScore 3 create a custom instruments file. E.g., custom_instruments.xml.
You can place it anywhere you like.

Now - in MuseScore 4 - instead of using the [Edit :: Preferences :: Score :: Instruments List ] option, instead use the [Edit::preferences::score::score order list 2] option to tell MuseScore 4 where to find the instrument definitions.

I tried this, and it loaded my custom tunings.

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