MS 4 wouldn't even launch

• Jan 5, 2023 - 21:44

Greetings, (Windows 10 64 here)
I installed the hub then installed MuseScore 4.

Musescore 4 wouldn't even launch, Many attempts. Still nothing but an error message.
Not a big deal for me. I can wait a yr. or 2 til this all gets sorted out.

After seeing the Hub I'll not be installing again soon.
My problem with the Hub is that it's unnecessary in my opinion.
Also, it assumes to run in the back ground with out asking my permission.

I'm not looking for support on this or a fix.
I restored my Macrium Reflect image that was burnt just before the attempt and it's as if it never happened.
I'll not be trying again for a long time.

Anyway thanks for MS3. It's great.



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