MuseScore 4 keeps crashing whenever it tries to play certain bars using Muse Sounds

• Jan 7, 2023 - 22:03
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S2 - Critical

Using all the latest versions of both MuseScore and Muse Sounds on MacOS Ventura 13.0.1,

1) Open the document attached below

Make sure all muse sounds are enabled and assigned to their appropriate instruments.

2) Start playback

The app crashes without fail when trying to play the 3rd bar, the 5th bar, and the 40th bar. I'm sure there are many, many more instances of this but these were the ones I found fairly quickly.

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Musically one of the best scores I have listened here among the issue reports.

Windows 10 plays the score without any crash. However all is not well in the file
1. I hit the stop button and hear how the sound hiccups a few times when the playback stops
2. I exported the score to musicXML. When I load the xml file error announcements appear. I can't tell if the source of errors is the mscz file or the export process. not a valid musicxml file + some detail info
file is corrupted not a valid musicxml file (second time)
The xml gets loaded if I ignore the errors however and it plays OK

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Thank you :)

I didn't know that hiccuping sound indicated a problem with the file, I thought that was a bug with the software. I'll try rewriting the first couple of bars in a new file and see if the issue persists.

Not too familiar with musicXML but that only reinforces the probability that it's an issue with the file.

(Forgot to add this: I downloaded the Muse Orchestra Demo and tried playing it back. Didn't get past the first page before it crashed. I think a reinstall of Muse Sounds is in order)

After some further testing, it seems the issue was the combination of an already unstable file and the instability of the harp Muse Sound. The harp is volatile at best to write for and copying and pasting anything to or from there risks a crash. Uncertain if these are the only issues.