Endings draw over chords

• Sep 23, 2014 - 18:02
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Musescore Beta 1 on Windows Vista

Create a song with endings and chords. Notice the ending line, that is drawn above all ending measures, also draws through the chord symbols above the measure. Either the chords need to move up a little or the ending lines need to come down a little. This is minor and is not a bug, however it is ugly.

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Can you share the score showing the problem? Voltas should be below chord symbols by default, so not sure why they are not for you

Status (old) needs info postponed

The problem is that voltas (endings) and chord symbols are not aware of each other and do not move to avoid each other. We had to pick a default for each that makes sense. Most scores don't have chord symbols, so the default height for volta was chosen to make sense for a score without chord symbols. The Jazz Lead Sheet template automatically chooses a higher location for voltas, but if you create your score from scratch or using a different template, you'll need to change this setting manually. It's in Style / General / Hairpins/Voltas/Trills. Just change the value to something like -5.0sp or whatever it takes to clear chord symbols in the font you are using. Then all voltas for that score will be at that height. Or you can move them individually (using Inspector, or dragging) if you only wish to move some of them.

In the future - not any time soon - we may try to implement some sort of automatic collision-avoidance for cases like this. Lots of other places where elements currently can collide and you just have to adjust manually.