I need Vocal sinthesis Plugin Vocaloid, The Virtual Singer,

• Sep 23, 2014 - 18:14

Probably asked a million times, but, Does anyone have a link to trial version of the software Vocaloid or any other Vocal synth?.

I am trying to get a software to sing my transcription of Elvis Presley's "Roustabout". Yes its me!

I have worked out the harmonies (by ear and using Melodyne).

Play the COMPLETE SCORE of Roustabout Jordanaires Vocal arrangement here


As MuseScore has VSTi support you will be able to use software such as Vocaloid to do this.

I just need a simple free "Singin Plugin" Even something like The Virtual Singer plugin for Harmony Assistant

I have downloaded the trial version of Harmony Assistant and I am trying find The Virtual Singer plugin which is and I quote: "downloaded within Melody Assistant" or "Harmony Assistant" to use this plugin to play my transcription of "roustabout"

so I can save it record it and create the Multi-track version of it. Please help me get it some synth that sings lyrics running even if I have to do one bar of voice part at a time (Melody Assistant complains a lot about the restrictions of the trial version). I need these harmonies, please help Me and I will transcribe any:


* Problematic PDFs, manually.
* I will transcribe with the and create videoscores using Pianoteq and the singing plugin I can get running.

Absolutely FREE

I have been trying to invite anyone to sing it here on youtube almost in all Elvis Presley youtube videos

* Elvis Tribute videos (Try and Find a video with no post of me about this)
* Elvis Songs on youtube (Try and Find a video with no post of me about this)
* Elvis Karaoke videos (Try and Find a video with no post of me about this)
* Anyone singin covers on YouTube (from Elvis or anyone with a guitar really)
* Those Famous Multi-track singers that post on YouTube
* Joined a choir Forum and asked there
* Joined 4 Elvis Fan Forums, One of these fora, http://www.theelvisforum.com/, has a section, singin and swingin for Elvis covers. NO LUCK THERE EITHER.

Thank you


FYI there is no fair use clause in UK copyright law.

Consequently any UK musician taking part in this is wide open to prosecution.

There is now an agreement between some UK music publishers about non prosecution for some "fair use" activities.

Anything by Elvis Presley will be under the control of ASCAP/BMI and they have a reputation for not pulling punches with regard to prosecution.

If you are in the UK check with a copyright lawyer before you have anything to do with this.

I am not sure if you are still looking for the download, but which VOCALOID would you like? I can get you a link to a trial once you specify. I recommend looking in the V3 and V4 selection of voices because they're more likely to have trials and are higher quality.
Downloading a VOCALOID voice, whether trial or legitimate, will give you the "Mini VOCALOID Editor" which is a almost unlimited version of the legitimate copy. The only difference is that the songs created in it cannot be as long, but you could always make a few files and combine them all into one at the end.

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