WARNING: Dynamics settings in Musecore 4 either don't work in Playback or are not configurable!!!!

• Jan 14, 2023 - 00:08

If you write a score in M4 you will not be able to 1. verify what dynamic value has been set for a particular dynamic e.g. ff vs f vs mf etc., 2. adjust that value, or 3. set a velocity value for any hairpins you insert in the score. Worse still, if you download M4 and open any scores developed in M3 they will upload automatically into M4 and if you save you render any further dynamics adjustments to your score impossible until this issue is fixed. M4 and M3 are not backward compatible so once your score is in M4 you are stuck with that and cannot revert to the earlier version.
It appears that assigning Dynamics settings to Playback in Properties has been made a low priority (see the User Manual for M4 where these settings are listed as "to be added") - whoever made that decision might know a lot about software but.............. there is no more important issue than dynamics in music / musical composition.
I am a HUGE FAN of Musecore and pay my subscription as a contribution to keeping the whole open source thing going - but please avoid releasing beta versions of software.


I save an MS3 file opened in MS4 with a different name, or a number after it. That way the original MS3 file is untouched. If all else fails, there are other ways to open an MS4 file in MS3. One involves zipping and extracting the MS4 file. The other involves export as an mxl.

Dynamics set in one MS3 do not always work the same in MS4. And the other way around also. Because they are different programs. But dynamics work.

True, I don't think velocity works yet in MS4.

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Update: Yes you can re-open a file in MS3 from MS4 if you export it as an .mxl file. However when you then edit it in MS3 any all of the velocity settings for hairpins will have been re-set to 0 and when you re-set these to any other value they will not change the dynamics of playback in MS3 - this function will no longer work for that score in MS3. So the only way around this is to save files in MS4 under a different name or just stick with MS3.

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