playback tempo changes without doing anything

• Jan 14, 2023 - 22:32

I have the newest 4.0 and when using playback the tempo will change without me doing anything. In my piece I have playback set to 96, but after the 2nd ending it changes to 76. Any clue why this is happening?


I am having this problem too! Have you found any solutions? I'm going to have to go back to 3.0 if I can't fix it, which would be sad because I like a lot of the other new features. Mine is switching back and forth between tempos nearly every measure, it's terrible.

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Yes, the fermatas are definitely the problem. If I remove all the fermatas it plays correctly. I've been playing around with this and it's basically the more fermatas, the worse the tempo issues are.

I don't think the fermatas work correctly at all. As far as I can tell, the fermata causes the tempo to change to 1/2 what it was, which might be fine for very simple compositions, but if you have multiple parts with the fermata falling on different duration notes, it results in strange behavior. I'm attaching a simple test case. The fermatas in the second measure are meant to lengthen the last beat of the measure. But because the note in the baseline is a whole note, it apparently gets applied to the first beat of the measure and messes up the rhythm of the upper line, which ought to be steady quarter notes until the last beat.

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Looking closer, it seems a slightly different from simply not returning to the original tempo. Though all fermatas are set at 200% stretch, they actually play at 1/3 the original tempo, then it doubles tempo at the end of the fermata, meaning it's slower than before. E.g. if original tempo is 75 bpm, the fermata plays at 25 bpm, and then continues at 50 bpm afterwards. I created a new score with a couple of bars and a fermata and it behaved normally so I'm at a loss as to what is different with this one.

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I tested by turning on the metronome. The metronome click is so erratic as to sound more like a clave. Doesn't make a difference if tempo markings are left as is, or removed. Borders on bizarre.

I had the same problem after rewriting some notes form voice 2 to voice 1, making some fermatas disappear by deleting the attached note (not the fermata), and then changing the stretch of the visible fermatas.
Apparently the fermatas that disappeared by the attached note in voice 2 does not truly disappear. I noticed this when I removed all notes from voice 2 in a measure. The fermata would then reappear in approximately the same spot. The measure that changed the tempo of the piece had such a "hidden fermata". Removing this fermata fixed the issue for me.

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Thanks to you folks for your thoughts on this tempo changing problem. I don't know how to make a suggestion to Musescore developers, but if I could I would say sacrifice the "Tempo's response to Fermatas and such" for now. Offer a way to keep Tempo locked in at one speed for now. Once a bug has been worked out, try adding less important but hugely destructive features that make "playback" unusable for the masses. Best Wishes all. I can't use it as is.

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Hmm, sounds liek you are experiencing some sort of problem, but it isn't at all clear what it is and whether it's a bug or just something you need help with. Please attach your score and describe the problem you are perceiving in more detail so we can try to reproduce it for ourselves. Then we can either help you correct the notation if that's what's causing the issue, or help you submit a bug report if appropriate.

Meanwhile, if you prefer not to have your score change tempo, the obvious solution is, don't add tempo markings. Their whole point is to change the tempo, after all.

Unless I close and reopen my projects, the same thing happens to me. When I add a fermata, the playback tempo drops at the fermata but doesn't revert to the original tempo. Instead, it goes to a slower tempo. This doesn't go away unless I close and reopen the project. However, when I do this to fix the issue, it just comes back once I edit any previous fermatas or add new ones. It's like a never-ending cycle of closing and reopening just to hear my projects play correctly.

Same problem here w/version 4.2.1-240230937 on macOS 14.2, Arch.: x86_64.

After restarting musescore, the tempo appears to be honored when going into the second ending. Has nothing to do with the score itself. Bug.

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