Shortcut to advance to next bar's chord symbol?

• Jan 15, 2023 - 22:27

In MS4, with a chord symbol selected, we now can’t Tab to next bar or shift-Tab to previous bar anymore as we could in MS3? (I can't.) If not, how do we skip ahead or back in full-bar increments now?


Similarly, with a chord symbol selected (or just “in” chord symbol), shift-; (colon) for “Advance cursor: previous beat” doesn’t work as the documentation says it should.

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I understand that's supposed to work. But it doesn't; not for me. Neither does using ":" to go one beat backwards.

Any suggestions, anyone? I did load my old key shortcuts from MS3, and looked through to see if anything conflicted, but didn't see anything. And I don't remember assigning either the colon or the semicolon to anything.

I also just tested the various "advance cursor: [different note values]" key commands, and none of those work either.

I don't use MS4 much, but when I do I keep mourning that the Tab key fails to advance chord input to the start of the next measure and Shift-Tab to shift input to the start of the previous measure.

If you watch closely you can see it's a focus issue. The UI get the Tab keystroke and cycles through selecting various objects ... surely in support of accessibility.

Here on MacOS Shift : and Shift ; work as expected move along the chord line one beat at a time.

MacOS 13.5.2; MuseScore Studio 4.3


cadiz1 wrote > As said above, the new shortcut to input chord symbols to next measure is Ctrl/Cmd + right arrow. I preferred Tab key ...

I noted that command + right arrow is the new shortcut and presently it works here on MacOS. But like you I find it to more considerably more awkward.

I'm surprised that accessibility is the real reason. There are lots of focus goofs in musescore, currently and historically.

I'm not an accessibility expert, and understand that it's hugely important, but I'd think accessibility navigation via the Tab key should occur when the score is the focus, and that anyone needing accessibility navigation could easily exit a mode, like Chord entry, by pressing esc. ... and then using Tab to navigate the UI. Then we'd have the best of both worlds.

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Thanks for the link to the spirited discussion!

I understand that the pursuit of accessibility surely initiated the change—replacing Tab as the shortcut for the Chord entry "next measure" advance.

I'm just saying that there's room to improve the balance focus and accessibility. If a person relying on accessibility can press Tab s/he can also press Esc to exit a mode (like Chord entry) before tabbing for UI navigation.

And MuseScore>Preferences could offer a toggle between Disabled and Non-disabled interface.

In the non-disabled UI the Tab key doesn't invoke navigation—certainly not in a way that exits a mode—and where Tab is used as traditionally employed in MusesScore 3 ... in part to avoid the complexities and dysfunction outlined here. On this point:

Is Define Shortcut acknowledged as broken?

In closing, I understand that the Tab key invoked during chord entry allows accessibility to property settings. But once there Control/Command Right arrow can't advance the entry point. Is there an accessibility stroke to reactivate/continue Chord Entry?

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