problems with playback; note-entry; and general observations on Musescore 4

• Jan 16, 2023 - 13:41

Although Musescore 4 have been out for a couple months, I waited until after New Years to download it, when I would have more time to play with it. Now that the NumPad kerfuffle has been solved, I can get down to business.

I am having problems with playback--a sort of crackling or static. This happens whether I use the Muse Sounds files, or the old sound files. Very irritating, especially when entering notes. I tried uninstalling MS4, as well as MuseHub, and reinstalling MS4 with out MuseHub, thinking that that might take care of it; and I was surprised when the Muse Sound files were sitll located (where?) on my computer.

I work on a laptap running Windows 10 on an Intel Core i5, 8.00 GB, 64-bit system.

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Is it possible to disable the point-and-click method to enter--but not to select existing--notes? My touch pad is, well, rather "touchy", and I'm constantly chasing down and deleting red-noteheaded, 10-leger-lined randoms.

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As I said, now that the NumPad is working (I downloaded the fix, before the 4.0.1 revise came out), I rather like the new shortcuts for entering ties, and accidentals (I use a lot of cautionary and added accidentals)--very logical, although it will take a bit of retraining of muscle memory.

I have yet to open many files created with MS3, but I expect I will have a bit of clean-up of the layout clean-up of 4.


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