Vertical tab notes alignment is off

• Jan 16, 2023 - 16:39
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Open a Musescore 3 guitar score with linked tab in Musescore 4.
The notes on the standard staff and the tab staff are properly aligned in Musescore 3. The notes are no longer aligned in Musescore 4, but only on the tab staff. This is graphically awkward.

Workaround found that is adequate:
This used to be a problem on the note staff with whole notes not aligning on the score because of a "stem" issue on a note that has no stem. In this case it seems to be half notes on the tab staff. The fix is similar.
1. Right click anywhere on the tab staff, go to Staff/part properties, Select advance style properties, then select Note values
2. Select the As slashed stem button at the Half notes: and Apply
3. Back on the score, select all half notes on the Tab staff
4. Change the stem direction to up and now everything aligns on the tab staff
5. This is still not very readable, so go back and repeat step 1 and select the None button at the Half notes.
I think this may be easier than forcing tab users to properly sight read notes :), but still there is something not right with the tab staff. See the four file attachments
Tab test MU3 is the original Musescore 3 file
Tab test MU4 is what it looks like opened in MU4
Tab test MU4 stem up shows a fix with a slashed stem
Tab alignment test MU4 shows a more readable tab
My setup: OS: Windows 10 Version 2009, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.1-230121751, revision: 9b70a8c


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Follow steps 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to get the tab alignment to show properly is the Workaround.

I am not sure what is causing the issue in the first place but it seems to be a combination of having more than one voice on the tab staff plus trying to show stems and beams on the tab staff. You can make this problem happen by starting with a new solo guitar and linked tab sheet and just entering notes; but the issue appears randomly.