Note playing in Staccato for no reason

• Jan 16, 2023 - 20:27

Hi. I'm having a problem where a note is playing in the playback as if it was notated as staccato, but it is not. I included a screenshot, and the circled note only began doing this once I added a third note to the chord happening two beats before it. I don't understand why a chord that ends when this note begins should impact the duration of this note!

I have tried removing the augmentation dot, but the issue still remains. I have also tried shortening it to a quarter note and adding an eighth of the same note, with a slur to tie them together, but no luck. It seems no matter the duration of this note, the playback registers it as stacatto. I also tried adding a Tenuto mark to the note, to no avail.

I'm also including a screenshot of the measure immediately before this one with the problem. This has a very similar rhythm, as the chord ends and the new note begins at the same point in this measure and the measure after it, but it has no playback issues - so I know the gliss or the rhythm itself shouldn't be the issue. Any thoughts on this problem?

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Hi, I've been getting a similar error, where part of a score switches to staccato, or the volume suddenly increases. With this score for instance, if I play it using MS Basic piano, the volume jumps at the end of bar 4. If I use a VST (pianoteq), it switches to staccato instead.
I've tried copying and pasting to a new score, but it still happens.
this is an example file, but it happens in pretty much every MS4 file i create. Starts out ok, but then this behaviour starts.
thanks for any help you can offer.

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Coming from GP5, i encountered this bug the first minute i started up MS 4. Now I'm two day in learning and i fund some workaround using voices (for proper look and playback), setting the arpeggio spread delay to 0 (for proper look) or making the arpeggio note stacatto (depends...). See the attached file.

There is a lot of busy work with writing guitar scores in MS 4. Specifically legato within chords or grace notes consumes a lot of time to do properly with slurs+voices... But this is a playback only bug. I certainly can live with it, the printed score is lovely, that is the use case for me at the moment.

The solution could be limiting the length of the notes in the arpeggio chord from "bite" into the next note. Right now i think the engine makes the next note stacatto in order to make room for all the notes to sound out their whole duration. So the arpeggio spread delay makes the full duration longer even if the spread is in the original duration. I hope that makes sense. :)

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