Half note shortcut (number 6) and dotted note (.) do not work (AZERTY French keyboard)

• Jan 17, 2023 - 13:08
  • Select a note
  • Change note length using a keyboard shortcut (for example: 3 for 16th note)
    => It works for every duration excepted for half notes (shortcut "6" does nothing)


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I don't understand. I already did a factory reset via the "help menu". Is there anything more to do to reset the software?

My keyboard layout is a MX Keys (Logitech) for my desktop computer. My laptop computer does not have a numpad, only numbers accessible via shift button, which work perfectly excepted number 6.

4.0.1 fixed the numpad problem (I forgot to revert to factory settings for the desktop computer)


the initial problem remains: "6" does not do anything

What can I do?

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  1. Stop MuseScore 4
  2. Locate shortcuts.xml (in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\MuseScore\MuseScore4)
  3. Open in an editor (Notepad should to)
  4. Search fir
  1. Change to
6. Save
7. Start musescore and test

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I can not confirm this. 4.0.1 Belgian Azerty. MuseScore set to English.

Shift+ &é"'(§è!çà all work (which correspond with 1234567890)

I can confirm it (somewhat unexpected) to not work with Shift Lock engaged, which apparently thus isn't recognized as a modifier key during shortcuts; Shift Lock does take the expected effect during normal text entry.

I do not have a Physical NumPad, but using the one hidden under my Fn-key modifier works as well.

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Fwiw I have a Belgian Azerty keyboard as well, and on that one, notes durations in MuseScore 3 "just work" out of the box without requiring any "shift" (so the keys really used are é " ' ( § è ! ... )
I haven't installed MuseScore 4 yet but hope the same will be true.

I would like to add that "." does not work neither.

It's the "cap version" of the ";" key, but it does not "dot" a note.

Can someone confirm the behaviour with an AZERTY keyboard (and the same "; + ." key association)?

EDIT: I changed the topic title accordingly

I also noticed that "shift + space" is not recognized as a shortcut.

Can someone with an AZERTY French keyboard confirm the issue?

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