Changes to one specific part not saving

• Jan 20, 2023 - 15:26
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S3 - Major
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When I correct elements on the Glock/Xylo part, they are not saving properly. I have changed the same thing multiple times and saved. When I reopen the score, the individual part doesn't even open up yet all of the other parts open. When I click on parts and re-open the Glock/Xylo part, none of the changes are there. Example: Text for "To Glockenspiel" or "To Xylophone" are showing up in the staff. I move them below and save, re-open, then not saved. The same thing happens with the tempo marking at the beginning.

m1 and m23 are examples:


The part not being open suggests there is probably some sort of corruption in the score - perhaps the same corrupt that was evidence in another issue involve this score. But I see other strange things like a bunch of spurious entries in the Parts dialog. So again, we'd really need precise steps to reproduce the problem starting with an uncorrupted score. is there anything unsuual about how this score was created - imported from an earleir version, or another program, perhaps?

Meanwhile, it seems likely 4.0.2 will have a command to reset parts, so hopefully that will clean up this sort of corruption once a build with that faciltiy is made available.

What specifically did you mean by "spurious entries in the Parts dialog"?

"imported from an earleir version, or another program, perhaps?": No this was created from the start with MuseScore 4.

It seemed to work fine on earlier saves.

I created a new staff, copied and pasted the offending part. The new part carries over everything fine and accepts the changes. Perhaps just that instrument was corrupted?

Thank you as always.

When I open the parts dialog and scroll down, I see seven copies of "Marimba (Grand staff)" and eleven copies of "Xylo". Maybe you did that on purpose for some reason? But it seems suspect, and that plus the obvious problem with the top staff is what makes me say something has gone bad on this score.

The marimba was on purpose. I input original parts from a transcription, then copied and pasted into the new parts to arrange. Now I don’t remember having 11 copies of xylo though so that is odd.

I know you also reported an issue involving a different type of corruption in 4.0.0, but that bug is fixed already. Whatever is going on in this score seems unrelated and definitely worth understanding, since it seems unique to this score - there haven't been any other similar reports I am aware of. So I do hope you are eventually able to figure out how to reproduce it.