Export PDF Has Parts of Chord Symbols or Notes Missing

• Jan 26, 2023 - 12:56
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1) Some scores with chord symbols or lyrics the chord symbols and notes are missing only in exported PDF or print out, or print to PDF.
2) Same issue occurs if downloading file from MuseScore website with "PDF option" and the online preview of file.

i have this in about 4 different files but have attached one example with missing note. Note the Bb in melody line is missing in bar 35.

Ideally we can get an accurate view of how score while look when exported to PDF or print out.

Tried different fonts and moving lyrics lower but it didn't seem to fix issue.

Had to export to XML format, open in MuseScore 3.6, correct stuff that didn't get exported in XML format, then save to PDF, which was fine.

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Regarding chord symbols, was this score perhaps originally imported from MusicXML or some other non-native format? There is a known bug where chord symbols won't be rendered correctly until you save and reload. In any case, all chords symbols appear normally in your score and PDF when I load the score and export. if you continue to have trouble with chord symbols, please attach a score with precise steps to reproduce the problem.

Regarding the note in bar 35 (and a couple of others), that has been set to invisible in the score, which is why it doesn't print. It's grayed out on screen to remind you it is invisible and to make it easy to select again. Simply select it and press V to make it visible again.