I give up.

• Jan 29, 2023 - 23:17

I accidentally deleted my tempo mark at the top of the page. I need it back. How to I re enter a
Quarter note= 110 indicator on my score? I'm at the end of my rope.


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I wish that worked. It won't let me place the marker. It sure seems like it should be an easy thing. But trust. I've tried dragging that 1/4=80 thing over a thousand times. Ctrl down, Shift down, Ctrl/Shift down. Ctrl T where I want to put it. Nothing works. Thanks for your help though. It's appreciated. I'm still hoping that I can use this program but I'm starting to have doubts.

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I believed it's not possible to add a Tempo mark to a measure or to barline. If that's what you're attempting it would constantly fail.

However dragging a tempo mark to a note works fine for me in MuseScore 3.6.2 or 4.01.
Alternately you can select a note and click the desired tempo mark in the Tempo Palette.

To change the BMP value I usually click the tempo mark, then double-click the number and enter the value I want. But steady as you go. I recall some keystone that deletes the note value, and Undo won't fix it. So then you just have to delete and try again.

What version of MuseScore?


P.S. I initially struggled with MuseScore 3.6's interface and workflow but now my productivity is at least eight-fold of other notation apps I've used. However I'm still pretty queazy about MuseScore 4.

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I'm using V 4.0/ I'm trying to change the metronome setting for the entire score. it's playing much to fast now and I can't slow it down. In the original setup I assigned the 1/4 note a value. Unfortunately I was screwing around and deleted the setting under the Title and MS seems to have chosen a value at random. I need to set a temp 1/4 = 110 for the entire piece. I've got about two hours into trying to figure out how and I'm not even coming close.

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Actually, don't drag anything. It's too imprecise. Select the measure where you want the tempo to change. Or even a note. from the tempo palette select 1/4 = 80. That is added to your score. Click the 80 until it is highlighted in blue. Maybe twice. Type 110.

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