Drum Soundfont doesn't work in playback (MS4)

• Feb 3, 2023 - 02:13

Using MS4.

I have this soundfont -

It is not willing to play. (I just have to play the first sample )
Don't know why this is happening.

I tried all keys (while on the Piano / Drumset instrument) but nothing was rendered to sounds

+When you edit .sf2 files you can see 'key range' at the top. What does that exactly mean? Does an integer 'key' such as 21 correspond to a 'note' such as C1, E6?

And, does selecting instruments in Musescore matter when playing specified soundfonts? (Guitar sf, drum sf etc)

I'd really appreciate if this prob could be settled!


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By the way, in MS3 it's perfectly fine. There, the sound is automatically changed to 'Instr_7F', and 'key range' seems to mean certain pitches as I originally thought. I believe the mechanism of playback using soundfounts have changed? (If theres a decent documentation of how soundfonts work in MS3, I'd really appreciate if you could link the page)

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Sorry, I can't help with the Polyphone program, or what you're doing in there. As for soundfonts, I've dabbled with alternatives in MS3, but had marginal success in that realm. For now and until MS4 matures considerably, I'm sticking with MS3's standard sounds.

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