MuseScore adding unnecessary extentions to my score titles

• Feb 3, 2023 - 03:14

Every time I post a score, I name it with just the song name. I am a transcriber, so all of my stuff are just piano or other instrumental versions of existing songs. Let's take my most recent score for an example; Set Fire to the Sky, by NerdOut. I uploaded this, and named it "Set Fire to the Sky". MuseScore then added "NerdOut Set Fire to the Sky" on the end.

Does anyone know why this is? And possibly a way to disable it? I haven't found any other scores on the entire site with this issue other than mine.

Score Link:


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Bruh. You do realise what your saying is really stupid right? is the site for score uploads and the like. THIS site,, is the site for forums and bug reports.

Don’t tell people to go and post threads on, BECAUSE YOU CANT. THIS IS WHERE YOU POST FORUM THREADS.

I can’t believe how many people do not realise this. Fact check yourself before saying stuff like this.

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1) you can fight about where to go for support, and what might make sense to you. @Jojo KNOWS his stuff, has posted perhaps hundreds of knowledgeable comments. He DOES understand...

2) I had two similar score-naming problems to yours. The difficulty comes when we choose to tell the score-upload window that our submission is BASED on somebody else's. The .COM repository tries very hard to format score titles AS IT THINKS BEST, even when WE prefer to title a score differently. Same thing about fighting that. You can fight that, or you can "step around" it. One possible thing you can do is to DELETE the score. Re-upload it, but DO NOT make the choice about "this score is based on..." In your own profile comments for the score, there you can make public the fact the score is based on another person's work. Anyway, I think I saw IN your score, you mention attribution to the other person.

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