Disable Linked staff copies of symbols + another small question

• Feb 4, 2023 - 00:37

So when I write for the solo guitar with a tablature staff, I always get a copy of each symbol below both staves. I would rather manually enable ties and slurs than have to manually disable every laissez vibrer, hairpin etc. Is there a way to configure which symbols get doubled over?

As my second question, I like to manually place my fingering markings very precisely, but I notice that if I zoom in very close (maximum zoom) and try to drag them around, they tend to get 'caught' on something, and it's difficult to place them very accurately. Is this something that can be worked around? They refuse to move without larger mouse movement and then snap around.


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I think by "double markings", you mean the crescendo & decrescendo hairpins... I'm not an expert on TABs, but I don't think you can delete said items JUST from the TAB, because the TAB reflects what is to be performed in the standard music stave. BUT, you can try the following:

1) go to menu View -> Show, confirm there's a check-mark on "Show invisible"
2) select a hairpin in the TAB
3) go to menu View -> Properties
4) notice the 'Visible' has a check-mark -- remove it
5) repeat 2) and 3) for the other hairpin

At this point, the TAB still shows the hairpins, but they should be grayed-out. Do 1) above, but remove the check-mark on "Show invisible". I hope that gets you what you need. There are other applications of this approach. It's understood this is mostly for the visual, because things made invisible still MAY have effect on playback.

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