Musescore 4 Crashing on file select

• Feb 4, 2023 - 07:24

Having an issue with this file not loading. Tried to copy the file and open the new one, didn't work. I'm on 4.0.1. Every other file opens just fine, and this one does try to open and I can briefly see it right before it crashes. Any help?

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Jojo, this may not be the correct place to say what is happening, but here goes. The playback has glitches and Musescore 4 shuts down after 10 bars. I open files completed in MuseScore 3 and it playback with glitches and scratchy sound persist. Is the team working on this? By the way MuseScore 4 really is great when I view what it can do on YouTube. Please help. Thanks.

That happened to me, and what I thought is that it was because I added an image to the score (It had happened right after I added it, so that's what I assumed the problem was). Whether that is the case or not, what fixed it was this:
Go to your file manager or whatever the equivalent is on your device,
Right-click on the file and click 'Show more options', then click 'version history'
Then click on whatever version you want (Hopefully you save regularly, because this might delete some progress. It's better then losing the file, though).
That's what I did on Windows 11, so yours might be different.

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