Different dynamics per hand and voice in a piano score

• Feb 4, 2023 - 21:52

I'm currently making an arrangement that requires both different dynamics per hand and per voice.
The left hand is playing a pattern in voice 1 and weaving in melody notes, which I've put in voice 2.
At the same time the right hand is also playing a constant pattern which I've also put in voice 1.
I'm trying to make the left hand pattern louder than the right hand pattern (which worked using the playback settings in properties).

But changing the volume for the 2nd voice does not seem to have any effect.
I've tested it at both 0 velocity and 127, and it will always sound just as loud as the left hand in voice 1.

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This feature worked until MS 3.6.2.

But different dynamics for Piano RH and Piano LH (or for different voices/sub-channels on the same stave) are now problematic. MS 4.0 removed the feature, because it would have been incompatible with the new method of velocity control. See "MuseScore 3 features not implemented in MuseScore 4":

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