Playback Issues

• Feb 5, 2023 - 01:10

I've noticed that the musesounds audio does not play above or below a certain note. For example, nothing plays above a C (1 ledger line) on the euphonium and nothing plays above the E (3 ledger lines) on Bb clarinet.

Balancing is also another major issue. Instruments with the same dynamic markings will play at different volumes, making some instruments obnoxiously louder than others. This throws off the balance and sometimes, you can't hear the melody line at all.

The thing that is probably the most annoying of them of them all is that sometimes, the audio is playing a completely wrong rhythm. It's making some notes longer and some notes shorter so the overall rhythm is skewed.

Is there a way to fix any of these? or do I just have to wait for future updates to fix these issues? I am happy though that the crackling and lagging is mostly gone. For the most part, MS 4 is working great. It's just that there are certain issues here and there.


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