Printed sheet music in standard notation to Tablature for guitar?

• Feb 6, 2023 - 18:41

I need help please to take printed sheet music in standard notation and getting it into tablature for electric guitar. I am a newbie to MuseScore and am desperate at this point. I am a mom who is clueless about guitar and tech and my son received sheet music for a concert in standard notation. He is mostly self taught and does not know yet how to read standard notation and he has a concert in 2 weeks. His band teacher does not know guitar (only brass) and so he's been on his own. The answer may already be in the forum somewhere but I haven't been able to locate something that doesn't look like an entirely different language to me. I would really appreciate anyone who can clearly outline the steps I'd need to take. Thank you so much in advance for your guidance!


Best use the Template Solo > Guitar + Tablature to reate a new score.
Then enter the notes in the 'normal' staff as per the printed music and enjoy it being replicatated automatically in the linked tablature staff.
You could delete the normal staff later, or use it as an educational tool...

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